Issue 5 and Volume 57.

FILTRATION Reports from Hibbing, Minn., state that the purification plant being installed there will be ready for operation in a few days. The report for the first half of January by City Chemist Van Arnum of Cohoes, N. Y., showed that a daily average of 7,450,000 gallons of water were filtered. A test of the raw water showed turbidity in a pronounced degree and a high count of bacteria, but the filtered water remained in its usual good standard of purity. The Philadelphia “Record” in a recent issue said: “This city presents a remarkable record of the decrease in typhoid fever cases and deaths within nine years, and since the construction of the filtration plants. Statistics made public by the Bureau of Health show the continued influence of pure water and greater medical supervision. Beginning with the, year 1906, there were 9,721 cases, with an average of 670 per 100,000…

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