Store Fire at Goshen

Issue 5 and Volume 57.

Store Fire at Goshen Fire that originated from an unknown source in the front of the basement of the two-story brick building at No. 114 South Main street, Goshen, Ind., recently occupied by the News Bookstore and the News Printing Co., wrought damage roughly estimated at $1,800 in property valued at $62,000. The fire, caused by a defective chimney, originated on the first floor of the two-story brick and wood building at 8.30 A. M. When discovered it was feeding on a large stock of wall paper piled in racks and making rapid progress. An unsuccessful attempt was made to extinguish it with buckets of water byemployees but they were driven back by the dense smoke. A telephone to the water works brought the first box alarm some 15 minutes after the tire was discovered. When the department reached the building it was filled with smoke. It was impossible for…

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