Issue 7 and Volume 57.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Fire and Explosion at Oklahoma. (Illustrated) 99 Electric Fire Apparatus. By George L. Walker. (Illustrated) 97 Report and Recommendations at Springfield. 98 Report on Newburgh Water Supply 100 Water Resources of Connecticut 101 Port Dock Fire at Seattle. By Harry W. Bringhurst 102 College Laboratory Damaged at Meadville. (Illustrated) 102 Report of Kansas State Fire Marshal 102 February Meeting of New England Water Works Association 106 Superintendent E. R. Dyer Gives Dinner. 106 Five Blocks Burned at Clarksville. (Illustrated) 103 Water Lien Bill in Massachusetts 105 Providence Reservoir Project 106 January Fire Loss 107 Questions and Answers 109 Serious Block Fire at Alma. (Illustrated) 99 Hotel Damaged at Hoboken. (Illustrated) 98 Grain Elevator Fire at Logansport 99 School Fire at Troy. (Illustrated) 103 Texas Fire Report for Four Years 103 Two-Platoon Hearing in Massachusetts 109 High Pressure System for Salem 106 Canadian Fire Protection 107 Chicago Fire…

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