Serious Block Fire in Alma

Issue 7 and Volume 57.

Serious Block Fire in Alma The worst fire in Alma, Mich., in its history took place January 10, when the Pollaskey block, one of the principal business buildings in the city, was damaged about $43,000, of which amount $5,000 was on the building. The total value of the building and contents was $90,000. The building was constructed of brick and wood twenty years ago, and was occupied by stores, meeting rooms, offices, etc. The fire started from an unknown cause in one corner of the garret at 2:30 A. M., and was all through the garret when the fire department, which was called by telephone, arrived. The fire was then coming through the roof in several places and, fanned by a wind, was progressing rapidly and endangering adjoining blocks. A change in the wind probably saved them. Chief J. F. Salvator, Jr., realizing that he had a serious fire to…

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