High Pressure System for Salem

Issue 7 and Volume 57.

High Pressure System for Salem Plans have been approved for a high pressure system and an increased water supply for Salem, Mass., to cost approximately $500,000. According to Patrick J. Kelley, director of public works, the improvements will be completed before Jan. 1, 1916, and the city will have not only an adequate supply of excellent water to meet demands of both Salem and Beverly for an indefinite period, but Salem will be protected in the future by a water pressure nearly double the present one. At the present time, the normal water pressure is 50 pounds. On June 25, 1914, this fell to 40 pounds and in some instances even lower. Under this new plan, the pressure will run from 85 to 90 pounds. This will be obtained by building a new reservoir on F’olly Hill in Danvers, which is some four miles from the center of the city…

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