Issue 7 and Volume 57.

WATER BUSINESS SPECIALS Sterling, Neb.—Plans are being prepared for the new water works system. Maynard, Neb.—An election was held on Feb. 10 to vote on the question of issuing bonds to the amount of $6,000 for the installation of a water works system. Central City, Neb.—City Engineer has completed plans for extensions to the local plant, to cost $20,000. Middleboro, Mass.—It has been voted to erect a standpipe. Pottsville, Pa.—An ppropriation has been made for the setting of additional fire hydrants. New Castle, Pa.—Chief of the Fire Department F. J. Connery recommends the installation of a more adequate water works system. Essex, Conn.—A town meeting is to be held to vote on the question of purchasing the water works system. Adams, Minn.—Council is considering buying $1,000 worth of meters. Viola, Ill.—Citizens have voted in favor of a $12,000 bond issue for the installation of a water works system. Philipsburg, Mont.—It…

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