Issue 7 and Volume 57.

FILTRATION East Liverpool, O., has decided to install a mechanical filtration plant. Contracts have been let by the Sedalia (Mo.) Water Company to the Pittsburgh Filter Manufacturing Company, for a 3,000,000-gallon mechanical filter plant and to Johnson & Sons, Sedalia, for a reinforced concrete covered clear water reservoir. Plans for the work were prepared by Engineers Chester & Fleming, of Pittsburgh, Pa., who will also supervise the construction. At a private session of the International Commission on Pollution of Boundary Waters, held at Toronto last week, Professor Phelps, an expert employed by the commission, gave a verbal report to the commission to the effect that in his opinion the water in the Great Lakes was not fit to drink without filtration. From evidence submitted to the commission, which will be reported to the Canadian and United States governments, the chief centers of pollution on the Great Lakes are Port Huron,…

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