Two Platoon Hearing in Massachusetts

Issue 7 and Volume 57.

Two Platoon Hearing in Massachusetts The Committee on Cities of the Massachusetts Legislature on February 11 gave a hearing on the two two-platoon bills mentioned in the February 10 issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The bills were favored by E. J. Barry of Engine 1 and Lieutenant J. L. Parker of Engine 5, Brockton, Captain John F. McEnroe of Springfield, Thomas Burke and James Healey of the Fall River department and A. M. Kimball of Engine 2, Hingham, who told of the action favoring this system taken by both the State Firemen’s Association and Permanent Firemen’s Association at their annual convention last year. Capt. McEnroe read letters from officials in cities where the system had been tried and stated that it had reduced per capita loss by fire. The bill was opposed by the city solicitors of Boston, Somerville, Malden, Salem and Lowell, also the Boston Chamber of Commerce…

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