Issue 7 and Volume 57.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Chemical Fire Extinguishers. To the Editor: I would like to receive from you information as to charging chemical extinguishers, such as how much bicarbonate ot soda and sulphuric acid to use per gallon of water, also if there is any advantage in the use of special brand of soda and what degree of strength of the acid. Further, the usual size of the hand extinguishers carried on fire apparatus, and any other data that you are able to give on this subject. Very truly yours, K. A. F. Rahway, N. J., February 9, 1915. (Answer. The ordinary soda and acid extinguishers may be classed under four heading, namely: Screw plug, impact plug, loose stopper and valve-release plug. In the first named, the tank is nearly filled with the bicarbonate of soda solution. The acid is confined in a bottle whose stopper is held in place by a…

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