Issue 7 and Volume 57.

CORRESPONDENCE Novel Siamese Suction on Fire Engine. To the Editor: Having been a constant reader of your paper and knowing that you like to obtain ideas for the betterment of fire departments, I am enclosing you a picture of a hydrant connection we use in this city which was devised by a member of the Napa department, and which we find is a great time saver. It is a Siamese reducer on the suction from 6-inch to two 3-inch. We carry one 3-inch flexible suction pipe 10 feet long connected all the time. The other is carried on the hose bed and has a gate valve on one end. When you pull up to a hydrant you couple up with the one 3-inch suction already connected to pump. Then, if more water is required, instead of shutting down your engine to connect a larger suction pipe, you simply connect the…

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