Issue 7 and Volume 57.

CANADIAN FIRE PROTECTION (Continued from Page 60.) BRITISH COLUMBIA NELSON. Pop., 7,000. W. W. system, gravity; fire pressure, 150 lbs., domestic 90 lbs.; hydrants, 61. Fire dept.: 6 men; apparatus, two pieces, horse-drawn; 4 horses; 5,000 ieet rubber-lined hose; Gamewell alarm system, 14 street boxes. Salaries: Chief, $2,500; Assistant Chief, $1,500; firemen, 1st year $85, 2nd year $90, third year $100. Chief appointed on his fire record. Motor hose-chemical wagon recently purchased. Mayor, J. J. Malone; City Clerk, W. E. Wasson; Chief, D. Guthrie; Assistant ChieL F. Boyd; W. W. Supt., J. Harris; City Engineer, G. C. Mackay. PHOENIX. Pop., 1,500. W. W. system, pump to reservoir; fire pressure 135 lbs., domestic pressure 75 lbs.; hydrants, 17. Fire dept.: paid and call, 14 men. Apparatus, 2 pieces, horse-drawn; 3,500 feet of rubberlined hose; telephone and siren whistle alarm, 8 street boxes. Salaries: Chief, $40; Assistant Chief, $1 each call. Chief…

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