Pastimes of Indianapolis Firemen

Issue 8 and Volume 57.

Pastimes of Indianapolis Firemen The members of the Indianapolis, Ind., fire department, have a number of pastimes and these afford pleasure to their families and friends, as well as provide occupation between fire duties. At No. 15 and 26 stations firemen make electric lamps, some of them of elaborate and beautiful designs, and at other stations useful things of various kinds are made by the men for recreation. Formerly firemen repaired shoes for the people near their stations, shaved other members and occasionally an outsider until the shoemakers and barbers entered a protest and the practice was stopped. They have been offered good prices by dealers for some of the electric lamps and other things they have produced but they have refused them all and now make only what they and their families can use. This popular pastime has been a benefit to the department and added to the contentment…

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