Another Fire Scare at Salem

Issue 8 and Volume 57.

Another Fire Scare at Salem Salem, Mass., had another fire scare at 7.10 p. m. February 8 when a fire started in the wooden factory in North Salem and threatened to destroy the many other factories and tenements in the district, which is the only part of the city that escaped the conflagration last June. The fire caused damage estimated at $15,000 and was the occasion of a general alarm that brought not only all the fire department but many people, in the fear of another conflagration. Prompt work on the part of the firemen confined the flames to the building. The fire started under the stairs on the second floor. The first floor and a part of the second is occupied by the Locke Regulator Company. The other part of the second floor is used by a dealer in leather remnants, and entire top floor by the Naumkeag Shoe…

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