Issue 8 and Volume 57.

ANNUAL FIRE REPORTS The following information is obtained from annual fire departments reports of cities in the United States and Canada for the year 1014: ARKANSAS. Little Rock—Chief C. S. Hafer. 471 alarms. Loss, $249,662.67 in property valued at $1,383,145.43 and insured for $091,816. Insurance paid, $184,028.89. Loss in buildings, $131,161.40; in contents, $118,501.27. Cost of maintenance of department, $83,592.32. Fires in brick and stone buildings, 63; in wood buildings, 225; not in buildings, 129; confined to the place of origin, 394, more than 92 per cent, of the total fires. Number of fires confined to the floor on which they started, 322, which spread to adjoining buildings, 18, and five extended beyond adjoining buildings. The heaviest single loss was the Rcinman & Woolfort fire, November 18, destroying the stable and contents, with a loss of $44,795. Hours department was in service, 361. More than 1,272 miles were run by…

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