National Life Saving Machine

Issue 8 and Volume 57.

National Life Saving Machine The effectiveness of the National Life Saving Machine, manufactured by the International Manufacturing Company, Terre Haute, Ind., in actual service was given a practical demonstration recently in Galveston, Tex., when at a grain elevator fire seven firemen jumped 105 feet from the top of the building, where they were trapped by the flames, into the machine and were saved. The method of using the machine as described by the company is as follows: “Eight or ten men should take hold of the felt on the rim of the machine with palms of hands turned upward, holding the machine almost shoulder high and about half arm’s length; elbows should not touch the body. When the body of the person jumping strikes the machine, the hands should not be allowed to give down, only as the weight pulls them down. The machine does this automatically. By scientific principles…

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