Issue 11 and Volume 57.

WATER BUSINESS SPECIALS Wilsonville, Neb.—Citizens will vote April 6 on the question of installing a water works system. De Ridder, La.—Bonds to the amount of $24,000 have been voted for the purchase of the present system. Syracuse, Neb.—The question of extending mains is being considered. Oelrichs, S. D.—The question of installing a water works system is being considered. Nevada, Ia.—The Nevada Council Club has voted bonds to the amount of $15,000 to increase the supply. Broken Bow, Neb.—The question of enlarging the present system is being considered. Citizens are to vote on a $0,000 bond issue April 6. Lantry, S. D.—The pumping station was recently destroyed by tire. A new engine will be needed. Summit, S. D.—Citizens voted in favor of issuing bonds to the amount of $5,000 for water woks. Dayton. Va.—Bonds to the amount of $24,500 arc to be issued for water works, sewer ami electric light systems.…

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