Issue 13 and Volume 57.

WATER SUPPLY OF MADISON A history of the Madison, Ind., Water Supply is very interesting both from an engineering and sanitary standpoint. This city was laid out about 1810 or 1812 and is located on the north bank of the Ohio river, 52 miles above Louisville and had a population in 1910 of 7,500. It occupies a strip of bottom land about two and one-half miles in length, the main portion of which is well above high water mark. in 1870, the city constructed a water works system, locating the pumping station at the extreme east end or upstream end of the town and about 300 feet from the low water line of the river, the engine room floor being about 8 1/2 feet below high water mark The original pumping machinery installed consisted of two horizontal engines of the steam boat type, each cylinder being 18 inches in diameter…

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