Dublin, Ireland, Fire Report

Issue 15 and Volume 57.

Dublin, Ireland, Fire Report The fifty-second annual report of the Dublin, Ireland. Fire Brigade, for last year, issued by Chief Thomas P. Purcell, gives some in teresting facts. The total loss for the year was $78,250, which is $103,510 below the average for the last twenty years. The total value of the property at risk during the year was $4,606,500. All but about $2,000 of the loss was covered by insurance. The brigade was called out 251 times. Of these, 164 were fires in the city, 12 for fires out of the city. 49 to chimney fires. 3 to houses which had collapsed, and 23 were false, of which all but two were maliciously given. A soldier was imprisoner for fourteen days for giving a false alarm. The horse and motor apparatus responded to 182 alarms, firemen with hand pumps attending to the other alarms. Not a life was lost…

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