Fire Prevention Lessons For Use in Schools

Issue 15 and Volume 57.

Fire Prevention Lessons For Use in Schools “Fire Prevention Lessons” is the title of a book published by the Fire Prevention Bureau of the New York Fire Department for use in the schools of the city. It was prepared under the direction of Fire Commissioner Robert Adamson. There are twelve chapters, prepared in question and answer form, and a note to teachers says: “These lessons may be either in the form of questions and answers or the teacher may read the lessons to the children consecutively; or dictation may be given from the information supplied.” The chapters or lessons include; Fires—General Statement; Matches; Cellars; Kerosene Oil Lamps; Fires in Stoves; Gas Stoves; Gas Leaks, etc.; Gas Irons; Ironing Boards; Flimsy Cloth, etc.; Greasy Rags and Spontaneous Combustion; Naphtha, Gasoline, etc.; Christmas Tree and Fourth of July Fires, and Fire Prevention in Factories and Homes, a general review.

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