Issue 15 and Volume 57.

THE FIRE DEPARTMENT OF LOUISVILLE A report on the fire conditions of Louisville, Ky., has just been issued by the engineers of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. The city’s population is estimated at 233,000 and it covers an area of 24.81 miles, about four-fifths of which is built up. The fire department has been full paid since 1858, and is under the supervision of the Board of Public Safety, consisting of three members who are appointed by and hold office during the pleasure of the mayor; Edward T. Tierney is chairman. The city is divided into four fire department districts, with seven to nine companies in each under an assistant chief. Chief officers are appointed by the board; the chief holds office at the pleasure of the board and all below the chief are removable only for cause after trial, but the cause may be trivial. The Officers. The…

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