Annual Water Report of City of Lincoln

Issue 15 and Volume 57.

Annual Water Report of City of Lincoln The water department of Lincoln, Neb., has issued its 1914 report, an attractively gotten up booklet containing a number of illustrations of the exterior and interior of the plant. James Tyler is Water and Light Commissioner. Wells are the source of supply and direct pressure the mode. The plant was constructed by the city in 1883 and the total of miles of mains in use is 86.54. There are 737 hydrants in use. The range of pressure on mains in the city is 45 to 55 pounds, the pressure at the pumping station is 50 to 60 pounds, and the fire pressure is 90 to 110 pounds. The estimated poulation is 52,500. The total of taps on the water system is 10,029, of which 661 were added during the year. The total number of meters is 9,202. The number of fire services not…

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