Dayton Tri-Car Chemical Makes Record Run in Blizzard

Issue 15 and Volume 57.

Dayton Tri-Car Chemical Makes Record Run in Blizzard During the blizzard which prevailed in New York and vicinity on April 3, a Dayton TriCar Chemical made a notable run of thirtyone miles from New York City to Plainfield, N. J., over rough roads and through snow which in many places was more than three inches deep. The machine, carrying two men and weighing altogether 1,840 pounds, covered the distance in two hours and forty minutes, which, considering the severity of the storm, was a remarkable performance. Only two and a quarter gallons of gasoline were used. The accompanying illustration was taken at the completion of the run at Plainfield and shows the machine covered with snow. The demonstration was made by the Woodhouse Manufacturing Company of New York, distributors of the Dayton machine, and proved beyond the least doubt the practicability of the apparatus under the most trying conditions. The…

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