Issue 15 and Volume 57.

OBITUARY Former Chief Robert Holman. Robert Holman, one of the early chiefs of the Portland, Ore., department, died April 1, at his home in Rockwood, a suburb of Portland. He was 75 years old. Death came as the result of apoplexy, with which he was twice stricken in the last two years. Mr. Holman came to Portland from Brooklyn, N. Y. In 1865 and 1866 he served as chief of the Portland volunteer department and was elected foreman of his company in 1868. The following year he was made chief of the department. He was re-elected chief in 1870. In 1888 the fire department was reorganized and put on a paid basis and Mr. Holman was made chief of the paid department in September, 1892, holding the position until December 15, 1893. John Humphreys. John Humphreys, a retired battalion chief of the Philadelphia Fire Department, died last week from a…

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