Treatment of Water for Locomotive Use*

Issue 15 and Volume 57.

Treatment of Water for Locomotive Use* Most of the railroads in the central part of this country use some kind of water treatment to reduce boiler troubles resulting from use of water more or less high in incrusting matter. Some roads are pretty well equipped with softeners, which by use of lime and soda ash remove practically all of the incrusting solids; some roads have these softeners for their worst waters only, some use proprietary anti-scaling compounds, and others use soda ash alone as a means of preventing scale formation in their boilers. It is the purpose of this paper to deal with the last-named and to outline the methods of applying the soda ash treatment, its advantages and the results obtainable. Water as it is pumped, contains two classes of mineral salts, the amounts of which determine its fitness or unfitness for locomotive use, the incrusting salts and the…

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