Well Pump Driven by Wisconsin Gasoline Motor

Issue 17 and Volume 57.

Well Pump Driven by Wisconsin Gasoline Motor The accompanying illustration shows a stock Model A-U 4 3/4 by 5 1/2 Wisconsin Motor standing on end directly connected to and driving a centrifugal pump delivering 750 gallons of water per minute from a well for ten hours a day. This incidcntly gives an interesting demonstration of the effectiveness of the oiling system of Wisconsin Motors. The motor in the natural position, of course, has its oil reservoir in the bottom of the crank case. In this instance a separate oil tank is placed tinder the engine and the oil pump connected on the bottom end of the reservoir. From here the oil is pumped to the main bearings and then through a hollow crank shaft to the connecting rod bearings. The oil is forced out of the connecting rod bearings and is thrown into the cylinders and other parts of the…

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