Meeting of Dixon Stockholders

Issue 18 and Volume 57.

Meeting of Dixon Stockholders The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Joseph Dixon Crucible Company, was held at the company’s office in Jersey City on April 19. There was a large attendance of stockholders who expressed their satisfaction with the present management and re-elected the former Board of Directors for the ensuing year. The vote recorded was the largest ever represented at an annual election—19,519 shares out of a possible 20,000. The following are the Directors elected: George T. Smith, Robert E. Jennings, George E. Long, E. L. Young, William G. Bumstead, J. H. Schermerhorn and Harry Daily. The officers elected by the Board of Directors are: President, George T. Smith; Vice-President, George E. Long; Treasurer, J. H. Schermerhorn; Secretary, Harry Dailey, and Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, Albert Norris.

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