Fire Escape and Tower Patented

Issue 24 and Volume 57.

Fire Escape and Tower Patented Alfred Audct, of Salem, Mass., has invented and patented a fire apparatus comprising a wheeled vehicle, carrying an extensible tower for use as a fire escape and also for firemen to obtain ready access to fire in the upper stories of buildings. One illustration herewith shows a side elevation of the apparatus, showing jacking and leveling devices in operative position and the tower partly raised or extended and the other is a view of the tower collapsed and the parts in position for transportation. The specifications of the invention state in part that the vehicle upon which the apparatus is carried may be of anv suitable character but the frame constitutes a part of the chassis of a motor vehicle. For raising and lowering the tower the following mechanism is provided: vertically arranged threaded shafts or elevating screws journaled at lower ends in the frame…

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