Chief Dunn Secures “Tabloid” First Aid Equipment

Issue 24 and Volume 57.

Chief Dunn Secures “Tabloid” First Aid Equipment Chief Michael A. Dunn of Hoboken, N. J., recently purchased a “Tabloid” first aid kit for use in the hire Department. This equipment is in a strong black enamelled metal case, the outside measurements being 81/4 inches by 4⅜ inches by 53/4 inches, and into this comparatively small space, there are packed a complete assortment of “Tabloid” bandages, dressings and surgical accessories, which are likely to be needed in case of accident at a fire. A particular feature of the contents of this case is that, in addition to the bandages, dressings, etc., being compressed into the smallest possible space, each package is wrapped individually in an aseptic manner, which ensures that the dressing shall be antiseptic when placed on the wound or injury. The case is extremely light, and its small size means that it can be carried on the machine or…

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