Issue 24 and Volume 57.

THE SOUTH CAROLINA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION* This makes the seventh time that you have called upon me to address this organization and on these occasions 1 have covered almost every phase of the fire service, both from an association, an efficiency, a sentimental and an organic standpoint. I am going to discuss with you to-day a short history of your organization, and speak of its past, its present and future, with perhaps a few recommendations for your betterment. To do this intelligently, I must be a little personal and go back to 1904, when the management of the great World’s Fair at St. Louis arranged for a National Congress anil Tournament of the American Firemen at that place. I attended that convention as the representative from the North Carolina State Association. At that Congress, owing quite doubtless, to the reputation that I had made as a state president, in securing…

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