Recent Patents

Issue 24 and Volume 57.

Recent Patents 1,137,202. Fire-extinguisher. George H. Gallup, Boston, Mass. 1,137,318. Combined fire-hose bridge and car-wheel replacer. Carl C. Hamilton, Dayton, Ohio. 1,187,382. Hose-washer. Walter R. Calvert, San Antonio, Tex. 1,137,673. Sewerage system. Isaac Shone, Westminster, London, England. 1,187,827. Fire-extinguisher. Fire-extin Albert E. Allen, Spirit Lake, Iowa. 1,137,627. Automobile chemical-engine. John A. Thomas, Zanesville, Ohio. 1,138,249. Apparatus for operating alarms or other devices. Arthur C. Rowley, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Associated Automatic Sprinkler Co., same place. 1,138,640. Water-meter. Henry I. Dilts, Long Island City, N. Y., assignor to Neptune Meter Co., New York, N. Y. 1,139,024. Process of purifying sewage or other wastes and apparatus therefor. Leslie C. Frank, Washington, D. C. 1,139,177. Fireman’s helmet. John M. Ganzer, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1,139,188. Water-meter box. Matthew M. Kane, Rome, Ga. 1,139,378. Method of softening water. Karl Schrempp, Karlsruhe, Germany. 1,139,397. Flushing mechanism. Bernard Bcnsen, Chicago, I11. 1,139,402 Apparatus for sewage disposal John…

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