Issue 26 and Volume 57.

MOTOR APPARATUS NOTES Harrisburg, Pa., now has a tractor-drawn steamer. Fort Wayne, Ind., is to spend $8,000 for motor apparatus. Chief Henderson of St. Louis, Mo., is to have a new automobile. The annual inspection of the Newark, N. J., department was held last week. Madison, Wis., has just placed in service a Kissel Kar tractor-drawn aerial truck. Pensacola, Fla., has purchased an AmericanLa France combination chemical and hose wagon. Ogden, Utah, plans to erect a new station and purchase a motor combination chemical and hose wagon. With the acquisition of a combination chemical and hose wagon, Hammond, La., has established a paid department. Chief Charles F. Henrich of Chatham, N. J., has recommended to common council that a motor Dumping engine be purchased to take the place of the one wrecked on Decoration Day. Savannah, Ga., has an ordinance which limits the speed of fire apparatus to thirty miles…

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