Issue 1 and Volume 58.

FILTRATION City Health Officer George W. Gohr of Rochester, N. Y., last week reported to Commissioner of Public Safety R. Andrew Hamilton, that a third analysis of the water in the well at Durrand-Eastman Park had disclosed no sign of contamination. The test was made by Charles W. Dodge, professor of biology at the University of Rochester, and city bacterologist. Allegations were made recently that a typhoid fever case had been traced to the drinking of water from a well in the park. Two examinations of the water were made by the Health Bureau, in each instance the verdict being the same as in the last. The Water Board of Baltimore, Md., has decided to supply filtered water to the drinking and ornamental fountains of the city. The question was raised by Superintendent of Parks Manning, who wanted the point settled before the new filtration plant is put into operation.…

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