Opera House at Williamsport Burns

Issue 3 and Volume 58.

Opera House at Williamsport Burns The Lycoming Opera House building at Williamsport was gutted by fire which was discovered about 4 a. m. by the night clerk in a nearby hotel. The fire had evidently been smouldering a long time before it was discovered. and the building was on fire from the cellar to the roof when Chief Engineer John W. Miles and the department arrived. The department had one first-size AmericanLa France steamer, one third size AmericanLa France steamer, two second size AmericanLa France steamers and one American-La France triple combination wagon in service. Eleven engine and two hydrant streams were thrown and six 4-inch double hydrants, 200 feet apart, were used. With 50 pounds pressure at the hydrants there was sufficient water for the plug streams and engines. Of the 5,100 feet of hose in use one length burst. The building was four stories high and was built…

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