Issue 3 and Volume 58.

CHANGES IN NEW YORK CITY BUILDING CODE With the adoption by the Board of Aidermen of the City of New York of three more sections of the building code, as told in last week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, sixteen of the thirty-two sections have been passed. The board has been revising the code chapter by chapter and has had the assistance of Rudolph P. Miller, formerly superintendent of buildings, and now engineer in charge of the revision of the code. Practically every section of the old code has been changed materially. Some ordinances that have so far been adopted in revised form, with some principal changes, are as follows; Article 2 governs the strength, weight and quality of materials of construction. The specifications for each material are brief and expressed in plain language. The article provides for tests under the direction of the Superintendent of Buildings for new…

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