Outside Gas Shut-offs Hearing in Massachusetts

Issue 3 and Volume 58.

Outside Gas Shut-offs Hearing in Massachusetts A hearing on the desirability of legislative enactment in Massachusetts requiring automatic gas shut-offs and manual shut-offs outside buildings was held at Boston, July 8, by the State Gas and Electric Light Commissioners. R. P. Smith, of Springfield, and J. J. Sullivan, of Holyoke, exhibited new devices. The former was a fusible plug shut-off with phosphor bronze spring, and the latter a manual device with handle connected by wire cable to the valve and designed to be operated from a box located on the outside of the building wall. The cost of apparatus and installation was given as about $20. District Chiefs Taber and Walsh, of the Boston Fire Department, representing the Commissioner, advocated outside manuallyoperated shut-offs. They contended that fractured gas mains in burning buildings spread fires and are a menace to firemen. Gas made the conflagrations in Baltimore, San Francisco, Chelsea and…

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