Issue 3 and Volume 58.

CORRESPONDENCE A Fire Student’s Appreciation. To the Editor:—“I look forward every week to receiving my copy of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and I find as a student of the fire service that it is well worth the subscription price; in fact it is almost indispensable.” H. S. WALKER. Topsfield, Mass. Fire Protection of Hospitals. To the Editor:—I am taking the matter up strenuously of better protecting the lives of the inmates in our hospitals, and I have had considerable work done in them such as protecting stairways with wire woven glass, placing wire woven glass doors at intervals in hallways, and also sprinkler heads installed in elevator and dumbwaiter shafts. I have also suggested that regular fire drills be taken up with the nurses and other employees, and if there is any information you can give me or tell me where it can be had, dealing with the safeguarding of…

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