Improvements at West Springfield

Issue 3 and Volume 58.

Improvements at West Springfield Under the personal direction of Water Commissioner W. S. Bagg, of West Springfield, Mass., the planting of some 30,000 young white pine seedlings on the Bear Hole watershed was recently completed. The trees are intended to assist in the conservation of the town’s water supply and were purchased and planted on the advice of O. W. Cook of the State Forestry Department. Mr. Cook visited West Springfield some time ago and inspected the water supply, and recommended this means for the preservation of the watershed and holding the water. The territory surrounding the Bear Hole reservoir was lacking in trees, especially young ones, and as a result the water was inclined to run off after every storm, for the ground was so hard baked that it would not hold it. With all the trees now planted the roots will absorb and hold the water for a…

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