Issue 3 and Volume 58.

FIRE RULES FOR FACTORY EMPLOYEES The Edwards and Chamberlin Hardware Company, having a large plant at Kalamazoo, Mich., has issued to its employees a set of rules and instructions for fire prevention in its plant. The pamphlet recites the location and proper use of all fire protection devices in the plant and then says: “The first and most important thing to consider relative to the prevention of fire is cleanliness, not of person but of the building. This means that our rules, relative to the maintenance of a clean house will be rigidly enforced. A clean house with us means unobstructed aisles as well as the absence of litter of any kind around either building or premises. In the enforcement of this rule each employee as well as the head of each department will be held individually responsible. A matter of the greatest importance relative to the extinguishing of a…

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