“Never Slip” Hose Chain

Issue 7 and Volume 58.

“Never Slip” Hose Chain The “Never Slip” hose chain, patent pending, invented by Captain Henry Entizion, of the South Bend, Ind., fire department and which is illustrated herewith, are made of malleable iron, the chain and castings galvanized. Absolute safety and durability are claimed for them; also that it is quick to hitch and unhitch, and that it cannot slip whether or not the hose is covered with snow and ice; that it does not decay when not in use and that the handle of the chain is hooked in various places and the hose in case of emergency can be used as an escape. Among the recent letters received by Captain Entzion, relative to the “Never Slip” hose chain are the following: Gary, Ind., February 16, 1915. Captain H. Entzion, South Bend, Indiana. Dear Sir:—I am in receipt of your “Never Slip” Hose Holder Chains on the above date,…

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