Cloth and Yarn Factory Burned at Conshohocken

Issue 7 and Volume 58.

Cloth and Yarn Factory Burned at Conshohocken The cotton cloth and yarn factory of the H. C. Jones Company, at Conshohocken, Pa., was badly damaged by fire recently. The company occupied a 3-story stone building, 200 by 300 feet in the mill section of the city along the railroad. The street at that point is 30 feet wide and the water main four inches in diameter. The fire was caused by spontaneous combustion in the drying room on the third floor and was discovered by employees at 4.1C p. m., who fought the flames with hand extinguishers for twenty minutes before the mill whistle summoned the fire department. The 75 volunteer firemen who responded under Chief Stemples were delayed at the railroad crossing, and when they arrived, flames were coming out of the third story windows. One American-La France motor triple combination wagon, one Hale-Knox motor pumper, one motor, onehorse…

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