Issue 8 and Volume 58.

MOTOR-DRIVEN FIRE APPARATUS Part 18—Concluded. While a large number of cushion tire forms have been evolved for use in fire department service, few have withstood the test of time. It has been very difficult to secure the desired qualities of resiliency and endurance combined with the conventional notched tread forms, as if the former were obtained the latter was usually sacrified and vice versa. On the lighter form of apparatus, capable of high speeds, both resiliency and absolute reliability are dethan the light chemical and hose wagon combinations, the factor of reliability is paramount, and tires possessing only a small degree of resiliency are suitable if absolute assurance prevails that they are not likely to fail in service. We illustrate herewith a very practical form of tire that fits all standard clincher and quick detachable clinger or universal rims that is said to be not only absolutely reliable, as it…

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