Issue 9 and Volume 58.

METER REPAIRS AND TESTING SHOP AT MILWAUKEE An interesting description of the meter repair and testing shop of the Milwaukee, Wis., water works is given by Otto F. Poetsch, superintendent of the Meter Division, in his report foi the year 1914 to Superintendent of Water Works H. P. Bohmann. This report shows that during the year 2,285 new meters were added to the service and 560 taken out of service, making a total of 60,958 in service. A total of 16,375 meters, or 26½ per cent, of the meters in service, were looked after but only 3,016, or five per cent., required new repair parts. In order to handle the work of the department the force of men consists of one superintendent of meters, four office clerks, one stock clerk, one shop foreman, one machinist, thirteen meter repairers and eight helpers. Ten years ago there were 41,828 meters in service,…

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