Water Improvement at Kenosha

Issue 9 and Volume 58.

Water Improvement at Kenosha Formal application to the U. S. War Department was recently made by Superintendent B. C. Brennan, of the Kenosha (Wis.) Water Department, for permission to install a water main under the local harbor. The plans for the installation of the proposed main have been made in keeping with the suggestions of the officials in charge of the Federal engineer’s office in Milwaukee. Under the plans the main will cross under the harbor to connect with Lake street and it will be extended from the harbor to the corner of Market and Lake street where it will be connected with the two 14-inch mains which serve as feed mains for the remainder of the water system of the city. The main will be laid twentyeight feet below the water level of the harbor so that it will not in any way interfere with navigation in the harbor.…

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