Conflagration at Valdez, Alaska

Issue 9 and Volume 58.

Conflagration at Valdez, Alaska Valdez, Alaska, a town of about 1,000 inhabitants, suffered a loss of $450,000 on July 15, when a fire wiped out nearly the entire business section. In all, forty buildings were burned, including a sawmill, sash and door factory, printing plant, assay office, paint shop, four carpenter shops, boat building plant, electric light plant, metal works, post office and several stores and residences. The blaze, it is thought, originated in the rear of a butcher shop in the Fry-Bruhns building from an overheated motor. It was discovered by a young woman at about 4 p. m., a time when but few people are on the streets in Valdez, and it burned so rapidly that when the firemen, under Chief W. M. Finikal, who responded promptly, arrived, the fire was beyond control, spreading to a motion picture theatre adjoining, in which was stored thirty reels of films…

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