Lumber Yard Fire at Nashville

Issue 9 and Volume 58.

Lumber Yard Fire at Nashville Fire threatened the $150,000 saw and planing mills on the outskirts of Amsterdam, N. Y., on August 8, but by the efficient work of the fire department, under Chief William Stichel, it was under control in half an hour from the time it started and resulted in comparatively slight loss. The fire started in one of the lumber piles and had made considerable headway before it was discovered by the watchman, at 5 a. m. The department, summoned by the blowing of the whistle, confined the flames to two lumber piles and a part of one of the sheds. Six streams were used, five from 6-inch hydrants, 200 feet apart, and one engine stream. About 2,200 feet of cotton rubberlined hose were used with 1-inch nozzles. The direct gravity system of the city water supply furnished a pressure of 125 pounds through the 4-inch and…

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