Issue 12 and Volume 58.

WATER BUSINESS SPECIALS Granville, Ia.—Citizens recently voted on the question of issuing bonds for the water works system. Manhattan, Kans.—The installation of a wafer works system is being considered. Cincinnati, O.—The Mayor has recommended a $400,000 bond issue for the completion of the high pressure fire system. Hankinson, N. D.—The city is agitating the question of installing a water works system. Beloit, Wis.—The Fire & Water Committee is considering the question of extending mains. Edwards, N. Y.—Citizens recently voted in favor of issuing $5,000 in bonds for the extension of the water works system. Benton, Tenn.—On October 30 the citizens will vote on the question of issuing $10,000 in bonds for the installation of a water works system. Kewaunee, Wis.—A 14-inch well is to be bored. Bids will be called for. Miami, Fla.—Citizens of North Miami have petitioned for the extension of mains. Connellsville, Pa.—Citizens are to vote on the…

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