Issue 12 and Volume 58.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS The central fire station at Youngstown, Ohio, has added a 24-inch shaper to its machine shop equipment, the other tools being a drill press and an engine lathe. The department of Charlotte, Mich., has mounted its fire truck on a chassis and will equip the machine with shock-absorbing wheels. Engine Company No. 11, of Syracuse, N. Y., will be established in its new house in a few days. Ten new firemen have been appointed to provide for it. Combination Engine and Hose House No. 4 is also expected to be completed soon and ready for occupancy. The department of Warren, R. I., has received its first piece of motor apparatus. It is a motor combination chemical and hose wagon, of 75 horsepower and equipped with 1,000 feet of regulation fire hose in addition to 250 feet of chemical apparatus hose and a 40gallpn chemical tank. The machine…

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