The Shreveport Water Supply

Issue 16 and Volume 58.

The Shreveport Water Supply An address was made recently by A. M. Lynn, president of the Shreveport, La., Water Company before the Rotary Club of that city. He said the charge is made that free alum was found in the filtered water was only harmless carbon dioxide, or carbonic acid, which nearly all rivers, lakes, springs and wells contain. It is the gas used at the soda fountain. Free alum cannot exist in the presence of alkalinity or temporary hardness no more than vinegar and soda can exist together in the same glass. Alkalinity is hardness. Your troubles here are that the water is too hard, instead of too soft. There are few well waters in this country that would not behave exactly similar to the filtered water that has been tested. As showing the careful inspection the water receives Mr. Lvnn said it was tested every day by a…

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