Fall River Water Supply

Issue 16 and Volume 58.

Fall River Water Supply The Providence “Journal” says: “Now Fall River is joining Providence and other New England cities in pressing plans for increasing its water supply and protecting it from contamination. The report of the Watuppa Ponds and Ouequechan River Commission to the Board of Aldermen of Fall River advises an expenditure of nearly $3,000,000, a considerable part of which will be returned in betterments. The estimated net cost of $1,142,505 to the city does not appear to be excessive for a water supply that is above suspicion. The problem in Fall River is made more difficult by the fact that the owners of the mills have riparian rights which must be taken into account. Sanitary improvements also will add to the expenditure. If, as stated, the commission has covered all the points at issue— drainage, water rights, filling flats, preventing pollution and increasing the supply—the city can well…

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