Issue 16 and Volume 58.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Traction and Non-Skid Devices for Motor-Driven Fire Apparatus. By Chief Olaf Johnson 273 The Water Works System of Auburn. (Illustrated) 274 Benefits of Instrudtion at Drill Schools. By Lieut. James W. Mahoney 280 Double Sand Filtration Plant at South Norwalk. By H. W. Clark 278 Conflagration in Business Section of Suffern. (Illustrated) 277 Co-Operative Association of Central Ohio Fire Chiefs. (Illustrated) 283 Elevator Fire at Newport News. (Illustrated) 285 Work of Fire Prevention Department. By Commissioner John A. O’Keefe 284 The National Fire Protection Association and the Firemen. By Franklin H. Wentworth. 276 The Denver Water Situation 282 Is Civil Service a Help to Fire Departments, and Why?. By Captain H. E. McNally 280 Questions and Answers. 287

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